Our club is located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, and has been in operation since the early seventies… Our field is at the Upper Coquitlam River Park on Pipeline Rd.

Map to RC Field

From Lougheed Hwy go north on Pinetree Way, past Lafarge Lake and Town Centre Park. Turn right at the light onto David Ave. Then at the next light turn left onto Pipeline Rd. Continue north past the gravel pits. The park will be to your right.
Providing the weather cooperates, we fly 7 days per week. Your best chance to run in to us is on a weekend, or weekday afternoon, but some of the diehards also fly weekday mornings, so there’s a lot of oppurtunity to enjoy the hobby.
The pictures below were taken by a camera mounted inside the fuselage of an R/C plane and looking through a clear bubble canopy. You can see our paved runway. The two circles are for the control line airplane flyers. As you can see, we have lots of trees surrounding our field, but don’t let the pictures fool you. There’s actually a lot of room to fly. Some pilots even fly their planes in the infield.

field picture clay large

The Kamikaze pilots (as we are known) hold two general meetings a year – one being at the beginning and the AGM at the end of the year. Here we discuss all aspects of flying pertaining to our club, from safety to upcoming events. The atmosphere is laidback and informal…
Following the meetings, we usually adjourn to the local donut shop to talk about our latest acquisition or loss…
Would you like to join??
The membership fees are:
Open Member Renewal & New Members (initiation fee waived) $75
Junior Member Renewal & New Junior Members (under 18 years) $50
Associate Member (non flying) $25
We have always welcomed new pilots to our club and a number of our members have volunteered to be instructors. So if you’re thinking of coming out and joining the Kamikaze Flyers, don’t hesitate to bring your airplane on any given weekend. Our instructors will help you gain the confidence you need to fly your airplane.
Club Web-Site www.wcrcaf.com