Upcoming Float Fly

We are hosting a Float Fly at Alouette Lake, Sunday April 30th.  Pilots meeting at 8am.

Bring your MAAC and Float Plane and enjoy the morning with us.

If you would like to volunteer for setup or takedown, please contact secretary@wcrcaf.com

Club Rules

We added a Club Rules page to the website.  At the bottom will be rules under consideration. I’ve told WordPress to allow comments.  Let’s see how long this lasts.

Flite Test Beginner Series:

Episode 1:  Choosing a Plane

Episode 2: Basic Aerodynamics

Episode 3: R/C Control System

Episode 4: Launching and Landing

Episode 5: Flying your Plane

Episode 6: Power System

Episode 7: Batteries and Safety 

Episode 8: Transmitters